The Ravenscroft

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The Ravenscroft is designed with your choice of Brass or Aluminum metal mounted on crystal clear beveled glass. This desk award is displayed using an Aluminum Burlwood Finish Base which is a nice accessory to any decor. Your name, patent number, grant date, title, and the USPTO Director text will be featured on this award.

Metal Plate Size: 4" x 5.3"
Glass Size: 5" x 7" (3/8" Thick)
Overall Height: 8"
Base: Aluminum - Burlwood Finish

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The Ravenscroft is named after George Ravenscroft who first discovered the technique of adding lead oxide to molten glass which improved the appearance of it and made it easier to melt using sea-coal as a furnace fuel. Ravenscroft was granted a protective patent in 1673 for his process.