Inventor Recognition

How Can A Simple Award Make Such A Difference?

Greater Impact

Tangible awards, such as a plaque or desk award, create a greater impact than cash. They create a symbolic connection to appreciation of one’s efforts.

Trophy Value

A patent award provides “Trophy Value,” that continual reminder to inventors that the company values them and their work. Trophy Value also provides a social aspect that inspires and drives performance.

Employee Benefits

Studies show that recognizing achievements has benefits on attitudes, behaviors, job satisfaction, work performance and productivity.

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Each time an inventor receives a tangible gift, such as a plaque or award, it gives opportunity for the contribution to be remembered and reinforced. What gets recognized, gets repeated. The innovative action is more likely to get repeated by the person who is recognized as well as those who observe the recognition.

So, why Inventor Recognition?

When related to the company’s values and organizational purpose, it’s hard to argue that strategic and timely recognition has anything other than a positive effect on those who receive it.


When inventors say their award

"reminds me of my valuable contributions helping my company be on the cutting edge of the industry”

it shows that recognition has the potential to inspire inventors to achieve new levels of innovation; it helps foster a culture of appreciation and gratitude, a culture of innovation that will define your organization.


In the day-to-day, inventor recognition can feel small and insignificant but to those receiving the recognition, it is a celebration that holds great value and motivation that can produce long term benefits.

World Class Companies Love Using Patent Awards

Don't Know Where To Start?

Here are the answers to the most common inventor recognition questions we get.
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Do you use the same award for everyone, or can they choose their award style?

Yes, many companies allow their inventors to choose their awards. This is something your administrator can handle, or we offer multiple solutions that make it easier to manage. We also have many companies that find it is easier to give the same award to everyone, it is completely your choice.

Do you put all the inventor’s names on the award or just the recipients?

We can do either or. While many of the companies we work with choose to recognize all inventor’s names on the awards, some choose to just to put the recipient’s name alone.

Can you ship awards to inventor’s home addresses? Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship directly to inventor’s home addresses, and we can ship internationally as well. We also have solutions to help get inventor’s addresses directly from them, saving you that time and hassle.

How do I need to submit the order to you?

We can accept orders in multiple ways. You may submit a list via email, call us directly, order online, or we can set things up so that inventors can order themselves on our website or using a custom web portal.

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