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inventor-recognition-22.jpgAre you IP Counsel for your company? Maybe the Patent Paralegal or Administrative Assistant and you have been tasked to research, start, or improve an inventor recognition program? If so, you are in the right place.

Inventor recognition is the first step toward establishing a culture of innovation. A culture that fosters innovation and promotes the development of a workforce that consistently recognizes new goods, ideas, and services.

So, how can you create a Culture of Innovation?

First, empower your inventors and create an innovation “funnel” so to speak.

Inventors need to be enabled to come up with new ideas and allowed to champion them. Organizations need to support these ideas and provide feedback on a regular basis. Top ideas should be taken to the next level garnering more support and feedback, and so on.

Second, provide resources and time to your inventors.

Don’t expect your inventors to spend their own personal time on innovation. Allow them to work on ideas and projects of their own as part of their regular work schedule. Provide them with the necessary tools and facilities required to work on their initiatives.

And, most importantly, recognize innovation efforts along with the results!

In addition to recognizing the results of your innovative inventors, you must also recognize the efforts made by all. For every successful innovation there will be multiple failures. Having a recognition mindset is a key to stimulating a culture of innovation!

Inventor Recognition helps to motivate your workforce and display the desired behaviors in relation with your company goals. By recognizing innovational efforts and results you can motivate your inventors to continue their innovative behaviors. The recognition demonstrates the support and appreciation from the company for their efforts.

If you are looking to recognize inventors or make a bigger impact we are happy to help.

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