Patent Walls

Let's Get Your INNOVATION Seen!

Looking for an effective way to further engage and motivate your inventors beyond normal inventor recognition programs? Your employees’ engagement plays a significant factor in your company’s innovative and financial success.

So, what is a Patent Wall?

A patent wall is simply a display of patent awards or other materials featuring an organization’s granted patents and/or other intellectual property. Patent walls can be as simple as a collection of traditional patent plaques hung on a wall, or a creative display utilizing lighting, multimedia, and other creative elements.

Showcase IP Achievements

A patent wall is a great way to showcase the innovative culture of your organization. It is a visual representation of all the patents that have been obtained by the company, which helps to create an atmosphere of success and accomplishment.


What better way is there to showcase your innovative culture and recognize all your inventors at the same time?

A Dose of Inspiration When Your Inventors Need It

A patent wall serves as a reminder for employees to continue pushing boundaries and coming up with new ideas. It is an effective way to engage them and keep them motivated. Your organization’s innovative culture will flourish as your patent wall becomes part of it, taking on the symbolism of how important innovation is.

Learn about the different walls available from our team of patent wall experts.

Tension Cable Patent Wall

• Utilizes modern, stainless hardware and wires to suspend awards off the wall.

• Works with thinner acrylic awards.

• Above average installation process.

Traditional Patent Wall

• Utilizes simple keyhole on back award with nails/screws to hang.

• Thicker, solid wood backings available in addition to modern acrylics and glass.

• Average installation process.

Magnetic Patent Wall

• Change your layout as desired.

• Utilizes acrylic or metal awards.

• Multiple shapes and sizes to choose from.

• Easy installation process.

Framed Patent Wall

• Elegant, hand-crafted, framed awards.

• Multiple sizes available.

• Certificates or metal plates can display patent details.

• Easy installation process.

Geometric Patent Wall

• Allows for creative layouts and designs.

• Utilizes acrylic or metal awards.

• Different shapes & sizes available.

• Multiple hanging methods available.

• Average installation process.

And More!

• Floating Shelves

• Tension Rod Systems
• Standoffs

Create Your Patent Wall With Us

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