Patent Display Wall

A patent recognition wall, or some form of patent award display, can make great impressions on your inventors, visitors, and prospective employees or clients visiting your organization. An inventor feels a great sense of pride and appreciation when they see their name and hard work on display within an organization.

Visitors or prospective employees that see a patent wall may see an organization moving forward, that is making innovative strides to be an industry leader. A patent wall demonstrates that innovation is an important factor for the organization and its goals. A patent display can be a very useful tool when it is looked at as more than just a static display of patent plaques. Let your patent wall add positive energy and make great impressions.

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Patent Displays | Styles & Awards

Patent walls can be designed to meet your needs, both visually and functionally. If your limited on space, that is okay. Your patent display doesn’t have to feature every patent the company has. Simply focus on your most recent patents that highlight the organizations current innovation. We would love to share more of our ideas, tips, and how we can help you build an impressive patent display. Give us a call to discuss:

  • Expert advice on how to define and setup your patent display wall.
  • Tips & Ideas to update an older, outdated patent wall.
  • A large variety of handcrafted awards to match your style and décor.
  • Different hanging methods and display options to work in the space you have.
  • Award customization, samples, and volume discounts are available for patent walls.

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Patent Hexagon Wall Display