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A patent wall helps establish a visible representation of how important innovation is to your business. You can highlight your company’s innovative history and patent achievements, recognize and honor the company’s most prestigious inventors, and cast a spotlight on current key patents or inventors using a variety of unique and stylish award designs.

Imagine prospective clients visiting your office and instead of just hearing about your company’s IP and how great it is, they see a patent wall that instills how impressive it truly is. A patent wall becomes part of your innovation culture, it doesn’t stand alone. It takes on the symbolism of how important innovation is to your company. And that, as it is talked about and spread amongst employees and business partners, can help attract new talent that wants to be part of something special, a company that values innovation and intellectual property more than their current employer perhaps.

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  • A large variety of handcrafted awards to match your style and décor.
  • Different hanging methods provide flexibility and options for different spaces.
  • Award customization, samples, and volume discounts for patent walls.
  • Tips & ideas to bring an older patent wall back to life.
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Patent Walls can be designed to meet your needs, both visually and functionally. Provide us with some details on your space, décor, and patent issuance and we’ll work together to determine what will work best for you.

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We offer different wall layouts, hanging methods, and have many different awards to showcase your IP. Our awesome team is ready to work with you to create the best Patent Wall possible for your business.

Patent Walls

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Your new Patent Wall enhances your culture of innovation. Inventors and prospective clients see the value of innovation the company has. Relax knowing Patent Awards is here to help as your patent wall grows.

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