Patent Display Wall

A patent display wall not only plays an important role in IP Recognition, but can help bring value to your business as well. Patenting your innovations is an investment because intellectual property brings value to your business. Patents strengthen your competitive position, providing marketing advantages, license opportunities, and ultimately protecting your product or service.

Showcasing your patents will display your competitive advantage to potential clients, investors, stakeholders, and even consumers. A patent display wall is an effective way to instill confidence in your brand and enhance your company’s reputation.

Additionally, individuals want to be respected and valued by others for their contribution. For your inventors, a patent wall showcases their hard work and innovations for the entire organization to view, respect, and value. Support your innovation engine with recognition.

Patent Display Wall Styles & Awards

Patent walls can be designed to meet your needs, both visually and functionally. With different types of walls, different methods to hang or display awards, and the variety of patent awards themselves, there can be many decisions to make early on. Contact us today to get your Quick Start Guide which covers everything you need to know on setting up a patent wall.

  • Expert advice on how to define and setup your patent display wall.
  • A large variety of handcrafted awards to achieve different wall types.
  • Different hanging and display options to meet the style and look you’re after.
  • Award customization, samples, and volume discounts available for patent display walls.

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Patent Wall Quick Start Guide

Updating an Older Patent Wall?

Looking to freshen up an outdated wall? We have different ideas that can help revive an older display wall that may be outdated or just not current with your newer innovation and intellectual property. Give us a call and we can discuss some ideas and how you can revive your outdated wall. 1-800-707-0011



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Patent Hexagon Wall Display