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A patent wall is a great way to showcase the innovative culture of your organization. It is a visual representation of all the patents that have been obtained by the company, which helps to create an atmosphere of success and accomplishment. A patent wall will serve as a reminder for employees to continue pushing boundaries and coming up with new ideas. It can be an effective way to engage them and keep them motivated. Your organization’s innovative culture will flourish as your patent wall becomes part of it, taking on the symbolism of how important innovation is.

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The design and implementation of a patent wall consists of several steps and can take some time, but it is a worthwhile process that will allow your organization to convey innovational success and appreciation of its inventors.

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Patent Wall - Innovation Wall

Our guide for planning and implementing a patent wall is detailed below, feel free to jump to any section you want. Patent walls are an efficient way of increasing your innovative culture, but it may feel like a lot to tackle. We’re here to help every step of the way.

  • So, what is a Patent Wall & what are the benefits of having one?
  • Step 1: Identifying Your Goals & Objectives for the Patent Wall
  • Step 2: Choosing the Right Location for Your Patent Wall
  • Step 3: Designing the Perfect Layout for Your Patent Wall
  • Step 4: Selecting & Sourcing the Right Materials for Your Patent Wall
  • Step 5: Creating the Plan for Installation of Your Patent Wall
  • Step 6: Work with Patent Wall Experts
  • Step 7: Unveil Your Patent Wall & Celebrating New Patents

So, what is a Patent Wall & what are the benefits of having one?

A patent wall is simply a display of patent awards or other materials featuring an organization’s granted patents and/or other intellectual property. Patent walls can be as simple as a collection of traditional patent plaques hung on a wall, or a creative display utilizing lighting, multimedia, and other creative elements.

A patent wall can be an effective way to further engage and motivate your inventors beyond normal inventor recognition programs. Your employees’ engagement plays a significant factor in your company’s innovative and financial success. Gallup reports that “businesses with engaged workers have 23% higher profit compared to businesses with “miserable” workers.” Patent walls make a positive impact. Prospective clients, future employees, investors… all see an impressive, branded focal point that defines your organization’s innovational success.


Step 1: Identifying Your Goals & Objectives for the Patent Wall

The hardest part of creating a patent wall is trying to figure out the right materials to convey the look and feel you envision… and getting everyone else on board with overall goals and objectives for the wall will help guide you throughout the process. While the options may seem overwhelming, before you begin have your team consider the questions in our getting started guide. Once you have some answers to these questions you will be better prepared to make a great patent wall.

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Step 2: Choosing the Right Location for Your Patent Wall

The location for your wall is key. You need to find out where it is going, so you can figure out how many patents you can recognize in the space you have. This is where some of the numbers from above will help. How many patents are you recognizing right out of the gate? How many do you plan to add in the future?

We can calculate how many awards you can fit in a given space and how long it will be before your space is full based off your growth. There are several factors that come into play here such as layout, award size, hanging methods, and more. Once you have a location with some measurements, we can help you determine how well that space meets your needs.

Step 3: Designing the Perfect Layout for Your Patent Wall

A carefully designed layout will ensure that your patent wall looks professional, organized and aesthetically pleasing. This is where you will want to look at the décor for the area where your wall is located. Do you want to feature awards that match the same style or utilize the same materials such as acrylics and glass?

For the awards themselves, do you go with a standard art design or prefer some customization to incorporate some of the company branding? Whether you want to go with a more traditional layout consisting of rows and columns of awards or a more creative and fluid layout will dictate the hanging methods you can go with.

Do you want to incorporate any signage, or multimedia displays on the wall? We can help you visualize different layouts and how the finished wall could look utilizing 3D renderings. Snap a couple photos of your wall and surrounding area and let our expert designers work their magic.


Step 4: Selecting the Right Materials for Your Patent Wall

When selecting materials, most likely the actual patent awards and hanging hardware, it is important to know that not all awards are compatible with all the different hanging methods. Also, your wall location could play a factor in which options you may have for hanging awards. For example, if you prefer to use a more traditional, solid hardwood plaque for your wall, the wire cable tension system is not compatible with the thicker wood plaques. If you like the appearance of the cable tension hanging method, you will be limited to thinner acrylic awards.

No matter which materials you choose, we stock a large inventory to meet the needs of our customers. If custom materials are ordered, we then stock that material to ensure we can meet your future needs. We have partnered with several U.S. providers to offer the highest quality acrylic, glass, solid hardwoods, and premium metal options that will deliver an impressive and eye-catching patent wall for you.

Step 5: Creating the Plan for Installation of Your Patent Wall

The day has arrived, all the awards and other needed materials have been delivered and you’re ready to make the patent wall a reality. Are you ready? Here are some things you will want to plan for to help your installation go smoothly. First, the wall you have had in mind for the patent display, make sure you can actually use it. That may sound comical but there are scenarios that could prevent you from using a wall such as certain building infrastructure behind the wall. Be sure to get with building maintenance to discuss the details. Also, who will be installing? Building maintenance, your team, you?

Depending on the type of wall you are going with and the hanging methods, it could require some preparation before hanging. If you are utilizing magnetic awards the wall will require painting with special magnetic paint. While installation of the wall and hanging awards is far from difficult, having the right tools will make it easier and help ensure a professional result at the end. A laser level can be useful to ensure nice straight rows and columns. Proper drywall anchors, and tools for inserting and hanging using traditional mounting systems.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, we can work with you and help you figure out everything that is needed. We’ll cover all the details, so you don’t face any surprises.


Step 6. Work with Patent Wall Experts

Maybe you have just a few questions or would like assistance with everything from start to finish. Either way, Patent Awards is an industry-leading IP Recognition provider that has worked with hundreds of businesses, universities, and other organizations all over the world. While we have shared some of the different ways we can help you above, there is much that our experienced team can do to help you plan, design, and implement an impressive patent wall customized to your organization’s unique needs.

Step 7. Unveil Your Patent Wall & Celebrating New Patents

When your patent wall is finally complete, it is time to celebrate. Find a meaningful opportunity to share it with your inventors or the entire organization. You can host an in-person event or send out a virtual announcement that shows off the patent wall, recognizes all the contributing inventors, and honors the company’s innovation.

As you continue to add new patents to the wall, be sure to make that a special occasion. Send out updates with some photos, include your inventors to recognize them. Most importantly, you want to keep the wall as a part of your innovation culture. If you just build it and then let it collect dust without adding new patents to it, it won’t reinforce the importance of innovation that you’re after.

We love seeing the finished patent walls as well so please send us some photos!


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