Corporate IP Recognition

Improve Your Culture of Innovation

Recognition is an important key to a great Culture of Innovation as “What gets recognized gets repeated.”

Improve Inventor Engagement

The more individuals can work on new ideas and be recognized for the same, they’ll have greater job satisfaction and be more engaged which further improves the innovation process.

Stand Out as An Innovational Leader

Organizations with a strong culture of innovation that is aligned with their innovation strategy have 30% higher enterprise value growth and 17% higher profit growth than companies that have a lower alignment between the two.

Making It Easy

Choose to send orders via email, have inventors order directly on our website, or setup a custom web portal, with multiple ordering options available to you we keep the process simple and straightforward.

Saving YOU Time

Solutions that prioritize saving you time and helping you reduce recognition costs. You don't need to provide tons of data to us, we can even look your patents up for you.

Service To Count On

Personalized service to solve your problems and help you achieve your goals. Your personal IP Recognition specialist is only an email or phone call away whenever you need help.

IP Recognition for Inventors

Choose an IP Recognition Partner that Combines Proven Methods and Modern Ideas to Deliver Amazing Results

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IP Recognition for Inventors

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IP Recognition for Inventors

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