Corporate IP Recognition

In a rapidly changing and disruptive world, innovation is crucial for achieving success. A strong culture of innovation provides a company with many valuable benefits. This is why acknowledging inventors for their intellectual property achievements is so significant. What you are doing, though it may seem small, contributes to a much larger picture.

“What gets recognized gets repeated.” Inventor recognition is key to a great culture of innovation.

A patent wall is an excellent way to showcase the innovative culture of your company.

When you consider the benefits of inventor recognition you will realize that the time you invest in it is one of the best investments you can make.

IP Recognition Just Got Easier

Inventor Recognition

Every company is different, so Inventor Recognition is not always one size fits all. Our talented team is always ready to work with you to create an Inventor Recognition program that will compliment and boost your company's culture of innovation.

Patent Walls

A patent wall is a physical representation of the company’s commitment to innovation and serves as a reminder of the hard work that goes into creating new products, services, and processes. What better way is there to showcase your innovative culture and recognize all your inventors at the same time?

More Than Just Plaques

Yes, a lot of what we do is awards, but we offer so much more! We’re here to help and support you throughout every step of your recognition journey – whether it involves streamlining your award program, designing an impressive and eye-catching patent wall, or preparing for an annual awards banquet. Our primary goal is to deliver comprehensive solutions that not only simplify and streamline the IP recognition process but also enhance your overall experience.


We pay close attention to the finer details, such as maintaining consistency on inventor names, preventing duplicate orders, and even rectifying the occasional typo that the USPTO can make. You have plenty of fires to fight throughout your day and IP recognition should not be one of them. We save you time, set you up for success, and empower you to be the champion that propels your company’s innovation forward.

Inventor Portals

Our custom branded web portals allow your U.S. and international inventors to choose their own award, place their order and have it shipped directly to them.

Patent Notifications

Lists of issued patents that includes issue date, title, application number and more. It is a great tool, generated with data from the Patent and Trademark Office, which you can use as your sole list or a checks and balances against your docketing list to ensure nothing is missing.

Patent Wall Options

With multiple styles and methods to display awards, your patent wall will be impressive once complete. Choose from hanging options such as cable tensions systems, standoffs, magnetic, and more!

IP Recognition Trends

We keep you updated on the latest IP Recognition trends and share the data we get from multiple IP Recognition surveys that we do annually.

Simple Ordering

Choose to send orders via email, have inventors order directly on our website, or setup a custom web portal, with multiple ordering options available to you we keep the process simple and straightforward.

A Human To Speak With

When you call us, we don't have long automated prompts trying to redirect you to our website to find answers there. You get routed to one of our account managers in less than 30 seconds.

When You Need It

Recognition should be timely, so once ordered, your awards will ship quickly. We stock everything needed to meet your deadlines or last-minute orders.  Everything is handcrafted on site just a short walk from your account manager’s desk. That makes last-minute corrections or special requests easy to take care of for you.

Shipping Worldwide

All awards are packed safely, exactly how you need them. Whether that is in a specific order for easier distribution, including labels to identify each award, or splitting the order up into multiple shipments to go to different locations all over the world. We have handled it all and can handle whatever you may need.


Sometimes billing and invoicing can be more painful than the ordering itself. We aim to make it just as simple as the rest of our ordering process. We’ll work with you, or your AP department, to meet your billing needs and simplify the process, so it is as smooth as can be for you.

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