Patent Awards Care

With proper care and safe handling, your Intellectual Property Award will remain an exquisite reminder of your achievement. Dusting is typically the only cleaning that is required. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to lightly wipe any dust off your award.

Caution: If you have a raised gold seal on your award pay special attention to that area to avoid snagging the points of the seal causing it to lift off the metal.

If you award requires more than dusting, please reference these guidelines.

Metal Plates

Use a damp, non-abrasive, cleaning cloth and rub gently in the same direction of the text. Avoid contact with any seals that have been applied to your award.

Wood Backing or Wood Frames

Use a damp, non-abrasive, cleaning cloth and gently wipe the wood to clean. Excessive pressure in one area can damage the wood finish so be delicate.

Acrylic Backing or Acrylic Covers

Do NOT use glass cleaner. Glass cleaner will damage acrylic. Instead, use a damp, non-abrasive cloth and rub gently to clean the surface of the acrylic.

Frame Glass or Glass Backings

Spray a clean non-abrasive cloth with glass cleaner, then carefully wipe the glass clean. Avoid spraying the frame glass directly so cleaner does not run into the edges of the frames and cause any issues with the wood. For glass backing, avoid getting excessive cleaner on the metal or under the edge of the metal to prevent any issues with adhesion.

How to Hang your Patent Plaques

1. When hanging your patent plaque, only one keyhole should be used. Utilize the top keyhole based on the orientation of the patent award, either portrait or landscape.


2. We recommend our Plaque Hanger Packs but any 1.5" #8 coarse thread flat head screw will work. If the screw is not being placed into a stud behind the drywall, we recommend using a self drilling drywall anchor for increased strength. You will need to leave roughly 1/4" of the screw exposed to insert into the keyhole.


3. With the screw in the wall, place the rounded end of the keyhole opening onto the screw. Slide your plaque in the opposite direction to the center of the keyhole. Minor adjustments may be needed to level out the plaque.

hang-patent-plaque1.jpg hang-patent-plaque2.jpg hang-patent-plaque3.jpg

How to Hang your Patent Frames

1. The Beehive Hanger comes installed on your frame. Hold the frame up to the wall in the desired position and press against the top of the frame. Apply enough pressure so the small points on the front of the hangers mark your drywall.


2. Find the Beehive Pin that is included in a small plastic bag stapled to instructions. Press the long end of the pin into the wall where you made your mark in step 1. Be sure to insert at a downward angle so the rectangular plate is parallel to the wall as shown in step 2 below.


3. Hang your frame on the support pin. If adjustment is required, simply lift the frame from the pin and reinsert into another hole in the hanger.

hanging-a-patent-frame1.jpg hanging-a-patent-frame2.jpg hanging-a-patent-frame3.jpg