A Knack for Great Ideas

10th Nov 2022

A Knack for Great Ideas

Every company has them, those employees who rise to the top, who just seem to have a knack for great ideas. Those inventors who generate great ideas that result in patent after patent, they are prestigious inventors. And while everyone needs to be recognized throughout the year to help your culture of innovation perform well, these prestigious inventors deserve additional recognition.

Milestone awards are best saved for end of year banquets. This allows you to recognize the prolific inventors more appropriately, so their patents don’t become just another patent. These inventors become the role model; what other inventors want to strive for. It also helps create a healthy competition between the prolific inventors.

Most milestone awards recognize the quantity of patents that inventors receive. Whether it is on an ongoing (lifetime) basis or just an annual accomplishment. The awards tend to be more elegant or unique in design and focus on the overall quantity of patents received.

If it works out, have your year-end event where your patent wall can be seen. Incorporate the awards presentation with adding new awards to the wall or acknowledging those prestigious inventors with an award that goes onto the patent wall. Tie it all together, make it special. Your innovation culture will flourish.