​Top 3 Awards for Inventor Recognition

22nd Jan 2024

​Top 3 Awards for Inventor Recognition

Inventor recognition is vital as it serves to honor and validate the creative minds behind transformative ideas and technological breakthroughs. Beyond the individual, it inspires a culture that values innovation, encouraging others to embark on the same inventive journey that their peers took, essentially acting as a beacon for aspiring inventors.

By acknowledging inventors, organizations elevate the importance of intellectual property, supporting the development of new solutions to global challenges. Tangible awards play a crucial role in the recognition process. They serve as a powerful tool to acknowledge and motivate innovation, fostering a culture of creativity and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Here are our top three awards for recognizing inventors and their innovative achievements.

Patent Plaques Are Still the Most Popular Choice

Although more modern award types and desk awards have gained a lot of interest in the past year, patent plaques are still the most popular choice for recognizing inventors. The most popular is still the  U.S. Modern Cover despite the USPTO updating the patent cover in 2018 for the 10 millionth patent. Some of the 10 millionth cover designs are not far behind, the most popular 10 millionth cover award is the  10M-PDM which is a larger plaque that features dual metal plates with one solely representing the cover page of the patent.

Interactive Awards Are Gaining in Popularity

For those inventors looking for something more modern, our Interactive Magnetic Hexagon awards have been the most popular choice recently. There are multiple colors to choose from and they have the ability to stack and be rearranged. They have become a go to award for companies to recognize not only patents but other innovation programs as well, utilizing different colors for milestones or other innovational achievements.

Desktop Awards Are the Winner for Hybrid Positions

Our third most popular award is one of our glass desk awards. The  P60/D60 designs can feature either a replication of the patents front page or a more stylized cover design. These awards feature a smaller footprint which allows them to fit nicely on a desk or bookshelf. We have many glass award designs available for our corporate customers to customize that are not featured on our website. Let us know if you would like to see a catalog showcasing more of what we have to offer. Our customer service team can help you choose just the right product to make the most of your inventor recognition opportunities.

Let Them Choose

It's not uncommon for companies to offer a range of awards or incentives to recognize and motivate their inventors. This approach can be effective in acknowledging the diverse contributions and preferences of inventors. By providing a selection of awards, companies aim to ensure that the recipients receive something meaningful and relevant to their interests or needs.

When companies involve inventors in choosing their rewards, it adds a layer of personalization and ensures that the recognition aligns with their preferences. This approach can contribute to a positive and motivated work environment, fostering innovation and creativity within the organization.