The COVID Pause - Turn Recognition Back On

8th Feb 2022

The COVID Pause - Turn Recognition Back On

Are you recognizing your employees for their innovation on a consistent basis?

If you answered occasionally, not really, or perhaps no – what barriers do you face when it comes to recognizing? Like a lot of companies, COVID presented several new barriers like employees working at home and no group events or formal gatherings.

If you have paused your recognition these past few years due to roadblocks from COVID, there are ways to still get recognition to your employees even if they are remote. Recognition has always been important in an R&D culture, but today it is essential. Your employees have continued innovating and doing their part all through the pandemic, their recognition shouldn’t be delayed.

For recognition to work best it needs to be timely. Recognition should occur as close to what is being recognized as possible. Too often recognition is late or just doesn’t happen at all. If you’re saving up all your recognition for a big annual event you may be missing out key opportunities to engage and motivate your employees throughout the year.

We have helped many companies get caught back up after being on a “COVID pause.” We stock a large inventory of materials that allows us to handcraft all your awards with no additional lead time. We have found, coming off a pause creates an opportunity to introduce new awards, streamline old processes and ways of doing things.

When you consider the benefits of recognition you will realize that the time you invest in it is one of the best investments you can make. Such a simple act can have lasting impact on your employees, motivating and keeping them engaged in their innovative ways.

We are happy to offer a free consult where we will provide you with a free 1-2 page assessment that will provide tips and strategies for improving your IP recognition and overcoming any barriers you might be facing. Contact us today to discuss.