Your IP Goals

8th Feb 2022

Your IP Goals

Over the years, IP recognition programs have become increasingly vital in motivating and engaging inventors. Today, recognition is essential to keep employees and innovators engaged and happy during times where we are seeing mass voluntary career changes.

Do you have specific goals tied to your recognition program? They could be as simple as improving employee engagement and satisfaction to more business focused goals such as increasing the number of disclosures or applications each year? Recognizing the act of submitting disclosures and filing patent applications could help impact the quantity you see inventors investing their time on.

Keeping your inventors happy, motivated, and engaged is easily done by recognizing their efforts and achievements. To ensure your efforts are getting the results you want though, you will want to get feedback. Are the awards being provided generating the feelings you think they are? Over time, some inventors may be ready for a change in the style of awards they receive. Prolific inventors may want to get something special for their 10th or 20th patent milestone instead of the same award they already have received.

Taking the time to fully understand the “whys” of your IP recognition and whether it’s working as intended can prevent any adverse effects to the very things you are wanting to improve.