Virtual Patent Award Ceremony

Why Should you Host a Virtual Patent Award Ceremony?

Because recognition still matters, it is even more important given our current times. Your employees have experienced more stress and workplace changes in the past year than they ever have most likely. Our day-to-day social lives have flickered out into a heaping pile of emails, text messages, phone calls, and virtual meetings. Your employees deserve to be recognized for their achievements along with their peers.

They Don't Want to Wait Forever

Perhaps you have postponed your event. Will you keep delaying it until everything is 100% better? The indefinite postponing will only add to the disappointment your employees are already facing from all their favorite concerts, festivals, sporting events, and every other form of social gathering being cancelled or down-sized preventing them from attending. Give them something to get excited about!



Renew Their Energy and Purpose

Based off a recent poll by Robert Half, more than a third of workers say they are more burned out now than a year ago. A virtual patent awards ceremony will be a great morale boost. Receiving awards and recognition will let them know that their commitment and dedication to their work has not gone unnoticed. It will renew their energy and purpose.

We Can Help!

With over 27 years of experience when it comes to recognizing patents and innovation, we can help you plan and pull off an amazing virtual patent awards ceremony.


Start planning your virtual patent awards ceremony today!

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Virtual Patent Award Ceremony Guide