Planning A Patent Event

17th Aug 2021

Planning A Patent Event

A patent awards banquet is a great opportunity to recognize the innovators not to mention it raises support and encourages further innovation. If you are considering hosting an awards ceremony and want to make considerable impact, here are some things to consider when planning a successful event.

Start Planning Early

If you want to succeed at planning an event for the end of this year or to kick of the new year, you need to start planning now. The first thing on your agenda would be to organize a planning committee. Enlist the help of your HR department, your IP department, and/or even your marketing department. Planning an event is a big deal and the more people you enlist, the better. Some of our customers plan at least 3 months in advance.

Consider a Hybrid Event

Consider offering a hybrid event that allows those to attend in person as they are comfortable or virtual. The pandemic has brought forward important changes to the way we interact, especially when it comes to digital tools. To make it feel more inclusive, consider creating a theme that people can participate with in person and/or virtually.

PA Tip: Patent Awards offers a special website as a supporting feature for your banquet or ceremony. For the inventors who can’t attend or aren’t comfortable attending, they can provide a photo of themselves with their award which can be shared virtually. This allows them to still feel a part of the recognition even though they aren’t there. This special website can display many other features to further support your awards ceremony. Contact us for more information.

Set a Timeline

Once you have your team of people enlisted, define a timeline to ensure your event goes smoothly. Where will you host your event? What dates are available at your venue of choice? When are speakers or top executives available? Once you have the date snagged at your venue of choice you will need to create your list of patent awards recipients and reach out to your IP Recognition Expert of choice (us, naturally). Please allow at least 3 weeks in advance for the creation and the shipment of the awards. You may want extra time to sort them in the order you need them (tasks like that is just one example of little details we can help you out with). In a jam and need them sooner? Just let us know! We design and manufacture in-house and are happy to help whenever we can.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

It is very important to use all forms of media to communicate the event and why the it is occurring. If you normally have the event another time of year, you will want to make sure you communicate twice as much. While you are at it, be sure to communicate any health protocols you are taking to ensure the safety of your team and any virtual options you might be providing.

PA Tip: Want to make the event feel more special? Consider sending formal invitations and providing a print off the agenda for the event.

Start Strong, End Strong

Include meaningful, relatable, learning takeaway topics that are posted where individuals can revisit presentations and content after the event. Follow-up after the event with thank you messages and where to find this information.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and valued. The events purpose is to commemorate the team's accomplishments, to recognize the awarding of patents years after all the hard work has been invested, to receive that last recognition that reinforces their efforts on current and future developments, and to demonstrate to them that their employer cares. This will give meaning to what they are working on now and motivates them for the future.

There is a lot to think about when planning an awards ceremony but now you have a few steps to start with that will help you put on a stellar event. Remember the end goal is to recognize inventors for their contributions so that your company can stay ahead of the competition.