The Pros & Cons of a Patent Event

26th Jul 2021

The Pros & Cons of a Patent Event

Holding an event to recognize inventors for patents is a great way to pay homage to individuals for their hard work, dedication, and success. If you missed your last recognition event due to the pandemic, you might be trying to decide when it would be appropriate to schedule it. Should you have the event as soon as people start returning to the office, or should you hold off for a little while longer?

An event immediately following employees returning to the office may catch some off guard. They may not be anticipating an event right away and may not be comfortable with one yet. Also, you could be working with a much shorter time frame to plan and coordinate everything needed. Getting the word out and marketing your event will need to be a primary focus with a shortened time frame.

However, scheduling something sooner would demonstrate that the company values the inventors and innovation. Presenting awards is not just something you do at predefined periods of time for the sake of doing it. Recognizing these inventors and innovations is important to the company, it is part of the culture.

Consider recognizing 2020 achievements separately from the 2021 achievements. To Recognize both years together could create quite a significant increase in the time and work needed to pull it off. Separating the achievements by year makes it easier, not only on yourself or your team, but to meet any health and safety protocols still in place due to COVID as well.

A patent awards banquet is a great opportunity to make your inventors feel valued and involved with the organization’s growth. For additional assistance or some helpful tips to plan your event feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.