Annual Celebration of Inventorship

10th Sep 2020

Annual Celebration of Inventorship

During this year's annual Celebration of Inventorship, the UNC Innovation Community celebrates Michael Ramsey, PhD. Dr Ramsey points to the “importance of learning to believe – both in himself and what his ideas could make possible – as critical to advancing science and the public good.” When he started his career, his hope was to get just one patent to put on his CV, he now has 165 of them! In addition, he’s currently working on his fourth start-up; he clearly has no plans to slow down any time soon!

This award “honors the recipient’s commitment to the University’s culture of encouraging innovation, disseminating knowledge and promoting entrepreneurship.”

Our owners are native North Carolinians, and we are very happy to recognize the achievements in the Old State. Congratulations Michael Ramsey, PhD!!!

Photo Credit: Sarah Daniels, Innovate Carolina

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