Perpetual Patent Plaque - Displays 8 Patents (R5001)

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The R5001 Perpetual Patent Plaque can feature up to 8 patents. Each patent is represented by a miniature front page reproduction on your choice of brass or aluminum plates. The inventor's name is featured at the top of the award on a matching metal plate. The plaque board has a decorative lasered box for each plate that makes adding new patent tags a simple task.

Each miniature front page patent plate (X5001) is sold additionally. You can add up to 8 plates right now or order them separately in the future when you need to add more patents to this award.

The R5001 Patent Plaque is 12" 9" in size and each mini patent front page plate is 2.25" x 3" in size.

100% Handcrafted in the U.S. using premium U.S. materials.

Lead Time: Ships within 10 business days.