Don't Set It & Forget It

8th Feb 2022

Don't Set It & Forget It

IP Recognition is not a set and forget process. Especially if you want it to be meaningful and have an impact on your company culture, in a good way that is. Recognizing employees for their disclosures, applications, and granted patents doesn’t have to be a time intensive progress.

What would your inventors say about your management’s view of your IP program? Would they say they feel valued or what they do matters? Do they feel like they contribute to the company’s growth, but their part goes unseen?

Imagine this: Chris is an employee in the Research and Development group at work. He just received an email from his supervisor letting him know the latest patent has granted. His innovational ideas have helped develop new products for his employer. Chris feels good about the work he is doing but wonders if anyone in management knows this is his 10th patent or how he has contributed.

While some companies may have some form of patent recognition established, all too often they leave their employees feeling like Chris. Instead of giving their inventors a sense of appreciation, the recognition is just another check mark on their list, which is a disconnect from their inventors’ accomplishments.

How long has it been since you have started your recognition program? Is everything working for you the way you intended it to? Are you still following through with it?

We recommend spending some time to review how things are going occasionally. A small chunk of time to review and ensure all is well could prevent significant time needed later to address any shortcomings from something not performing the way you intended. Here are several articles that can help you assess the current state of your IP recognition and help you make improvements where you see needed.

- Unpausing Recognition - Getting Caught Back Up

- Reviewing Your IP Goals

- 3 Actions You Can Take