Patent Plaques

You worked too hard not to recognize this moment.

Patents are recognition in and of themselves. They are a recognition of your original idea or design. You need recognition for your achievement as well.

Our handcrafted patent plaques will honor your patent achievement and look great in your home or at the office. Every patent plaque features exceptional materials, including solid hardwoods, pristine glass and acrylic, and premium metals. We want you to be proud to display your patent and all our products are backed with a satisfaction guarantee.

Currently, our most popular patent plaque is the U.S. Modern Cover Patent Plaque despite the USPTO releasing an all new patent cover in June of 2018 to celebrate the 10 millionth utility patent being issued. You can choose from several different patent plaque styles below including several that are inspired by this new 10 millionth patent cover design.

Each patent plaque is simple to order, all you need is your patent number. We're always happy to help you directly via phone or email if you have any questions.

Congratulations Adan!